"...Six Sigma will be the biggest, the most personally rewarding and, in the end, the most profitable undertaking in our history."
Jack Welch, CEO General Electric

"Six Sigma is the way we will run our business"
Bob Nardelli

"Six Sigma is in fact the most important element in the entire process of implementing and managing changes. We can't escape from these changes either now or in the future, because they are driven by the demands of the ever changing market and above all by the expectations of our customers."
Piotr Czarnecki, CEO Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A.


Welcome To World Class Quality!

Many readers of these pages may not be sure what a sigma is, much less six of them. Others may not believe that Six Sigma quality is achievable or applicable in their jobs. When you finish yours first Six Sigma training sessions, offered by us, you will be able to understand:

- To link the Vital Few Customer CTQs to each employee's job.
- To develop work group specific CTQs, metrics, and defect areas.
- To increase awareness and understanding of, and day-to-day use of, Six Sigma tools and processes by demonstrating how these tools and processes are being or have been applied to real projects.
- To define specific improvement needs for individual or team action.
- To involve employees in Six Sigma projects and metrics either individually or as a member of a Six Sigma team.

A Six Sigma company is a world class company. It is not just better than its competitors; it is 10,000 times better. It takes a commitment from everyone to reach such lofty goals.

The Question is: What do you think? When has GE started with implementation of Six Sigma?

Net Income of GE in 1981-2001(billion USD, source: The Economist)

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training.
Polska Akademia Six Sigma zaprasza na zimowo-wiosenn? edycja szkolenia Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training. Pocz?tek 4 lutego 201


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training.Polska Akademia Six Sigma zaprasza na zimow? edycj? szkolenia Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training. Pocz?tek 28 stycznia 2019 r.


Polish Six Sigma Academy pragnie zaprosic certyfikwanych Lean Six Sigma Green Beltow na szkolenie uzupelniajace do poziomu Black Belt..



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